Terms & Conditions


The terms & conditions are defined as the mutual binding between the company and its customers against the exchange of services or products for money. The terms ‘WE’, ‘US’ ‘IT’ ‘OUR’ & ‘SetMyResume’ will mean the company as one party of the two and ‘YOU’ ‘YOUR’ ‘CLIENT’ ‘CUSTOMER’ ‘THEM’, AND, ETC will mean the customer as second party of the two in the agreement.

Our Position

We urge our clients and website users to read our terms and conditions and privacy page prior to avail any of our services or use of the website. If you are unhappy and don’t agree with any of our defined or wished conditions please leave our site in the first instance and don’t hire us for your difficult time. Any changes that need to happen in any regard will definitely be mentioned over here on this page. And any dispute that may arise between the SetMyResume and its one or many of its clients will be tallied and matched with the conditions mentioned to this page. So, SetMyResume again stresses that this page should be read and give priority by all of our clients and users to stay updated with SetMyResume’s current working policies, terms, and conditions.


SetMyResume humbly claims that any of the data in form of text, images, videos, samples or any related or unrelated data to writing or job hunting or non-writing material is the sole property of SetMyResume with and after fulfillment of all legal requirements of the country where this site is being operated. Any sort of stealing to any sort of our property shall be taken as an illegal activity and against copyright law. So, all the legal actions will be exercised as per the instructions of our legal advisers.

Our Definition, Reasons, Payment Status, Refund Policy

In our case SetMyResume feels pride and strives hard to achieve and maintain 100% customers satisfaction by producing the customers desired results against the mutual binding of both SetMyResume and its customers; Our writers will rewrite or amend or edit customers resumes that includes the whole structure to words length or any other our service mentioned on our website and it may also include any unmentioned service for job hunting, with full devotion and contribution as the best practitioners of writing against the money that is supposed to be received in advance and in dollars through a PayPal account or directly through a credit card using SetMyResume’s website, following the instructions of payment form fulfillment. Once the money has gone through that is treated as non-refundable unless defined or agreed by SetMyResume mentioned on the website or sent to the client by email and also it may be due to an unexpected or uncertain situation which is happened pertaining the fault of SetMyResume or the court orders SetMyResume to refund that.

60 Days Guarantee

SetMyResume on the basis of its sincere efforts guarantees you to help you with dam commitment and dedication for your desired results. This guarantee explains as if not received expected outcome within the 60 days from the delivery date of the final draft, SetMyResume abides itself for overhauling, reviewing or reproducing of that final draft one time maximumly. If the matter goes for another 60 days period as unresolved, SetMyResume will do nothing but the apologies and regret for certain circumstances, you as a client may suffer or may go through.

Order Delivery Time

SetMyResume considers delivering all of its newly received orders within the said time at any cost unless, until a defined, prescribed condition or in case a natural disaster that is explained as earthquake, flood, etc. comes in front. SetMyResume takes order delivery on time a real asset for the company’s strategic success, hence, it announces its order delivery time period from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 7 working or business days (that period consists on days covering all days from Monday to Friday). An extra payment method or any emergency situation faced by the client can be dealt with unexpected processing of less than 4 working days though won’t come down lower than 2 (two) working days.

ATS (Applicant Tracking Software)

SetMyResume does its best to create all resumes or CVs or any other document or online writing pieces with its utmost effort, updated knowledge of mostly picked up keywords and expert writing skills with the strong supposing of ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) friendly writing. SetMyResume again assures you that all orders are prepared with keeping various keywords in front after a thorough searching of all commonly used ATS by different job hunting sites or prospective recruitment managers or employers. But still, it may happen or occur for any prescribed or non-prescribed reason that client’s prepared document by SetMyResume doesn’t pass the ATS. We can offer you our services of rewriting, amending, editing or to have any necessary change on the document with no extra cost up to 2 times in this situation to make your document or profile able to pass that particular ATS (Applicant Tracking Software).


SetMyResume loves to announce openly that it is a customer oriented and writing service that was established with the sole purpose after making it a revenue generating source for its people, to comfort its customers by creating a maximum number of interviews that lead to their job confirmation at the lower rates comparatively in the market. Hence our mentioned prices are our final prices that include all taxes, duties, or any other related charges with no hidden or undefined or understood kind of charges at all.


SetMyResume offers and reaffirms that before the final draft delivery of newly received orders, it allows up to 2 revisions only. SetMyResume contributes a lot already at the time of initial talk straight after the sign-up process for understanding the insights of your orders and digs down to get the core issues and reasons for failure with great devotion. So, it hopes that it doesn’t stay as a core issue after overhauling your resume. So, looking at all the situation in front, a maximum two revisions are allowed to you as a client unless until defined, prescribed and agreed against money or given an edge to you over other for being a loyal client to SetMyResume.

Resumes Updates

SetMyResume is among a very few writing agencies that allow updates to the resumes for up to 2 times for a six months period starting from the final delivery date of the completed project with no extra cost at all. Though, these updates are limited to changes made to address, telephone or mobile phone, last job position, responsibilities or any relevant updates that SetMyResume takes as part of its updates prescribed policy.

Resumes Storage Policy

SetMyResume avails the opportunity to increase its client satisfaction for storing the completed resumes for up to 6 months with no extra cost at all. You as a client in case of accidentally missing your completed project document, may ask for your stored resume, no extra cost will be incurred and this facility can only be availed within 6 months of the final draft delivery date. We as a company can also use this stored copy in case you return to us with a new order of resume writing.