Privacy Policy

SetMyResume’s privacy policy is a compulsory part of its agreement with its website’s users and customers that refers and assures them of their data’s safe and secure usage. We SetMyResume as the working site for job hunting and its related areas, do need the proper and detailed information of our website users and customers to accomplish our projects for them, increase the quality of our services, better and on-time delivery to our customers and for marketing purposes as well. Therefore, we promise them that their given or automatically received information through IP will only be used by us and we will never pass over their information to any organization or individual for whatsoever the purpose or reason that might happen, by respecting and following the data protection act 1998 of the UK. We recommend and endorse all our customers and website users, to read the privacy policy page of any website they reach or enter before disclosing any information to them.

The Received Data or Information

You as the user or customer of, when once approach our website, you start using our site’s features, our web server will or may detect and store automatically your domain name and address, your IP address, your GA (Google Analytics) customer ID, location information, your device and operating system you are using, the time you entered our site, your time zone, browser type, and the websites you were sent to us from, etc.
You need to go through the sign-up process to start availing our services where you share all your major information with us including credit card information, your addresses. We assure you that your information is securely processed and kept under SetMyResume’s extra security layered website. Even to avail of our live support chat services, your received name and email address are also protected with great care and never be passed over to anyone.
Our website never receives and allows children under the age of 16 to share any information with us. It is advised, in case, any activity unknowingly, that refers the usage or information shared by the children under the age of 16 can be informed to us straight away on our live support chat or by sending us an email at

The Duration Period of Keeping Customers’ Data or Information

It depends upon the situation and reasons for data or information collection by SetMyResume. If you sign-up into our system to avail the opportunity to have our services and issued sign-up details like customer id number etc. you have to be stored in our system for long, so that every time you come over to us, to run through our system as an existing or known customer. In some cases after using your personal information for quality or any other reason it is permanently deleted from our system. We reassure you that your kept information will not be passed over and deleted once it has served its purpose of collecting. We also allow our users and customers to quit or exit at any time if they wish to, from our system when we collect their information for news, reviews, and discounts offer.

The Purposes and Conditions of Cookies Use

The usage and visit on are monitored through cookies and similar kinds of innovative ways to receive information on surfing or browsing pages. Cookies refer to the small files containing letters and numbers. These are recognized and placed onto your device when you visit our website. Their main functions include helping you navigating our website pages and filling out the sign-up forms. Google Analytics mainly helps in providing cookies that are stored onto your devices to generate reports. These cookies also help SetMyResume to run its site operations more smoothly, efficiently, and easily for its users and customers. These cookies become the main reasons for data collection and this data collection is used with the purposes that include customers’ services improvement, motivating ourselves, and compete for the market with a better quality of products and services and for the marketing of services offered by SetMyResume. Your web browser from your end, still, asks you from start, during and at the end of your visit or usage of our site to quit, opt-out or unsubscribe our data collection right through cookies or similar kind of techniques, at any time. This way even stored data on our system gets deleted immediately and becomes anonymous for anyone to use.

The Reasons & Conditions Where Your Information is Passed Over

We still regret, there are very few conditions where your information is passed over.

Legal Binding

In case to prevent fraudulent activities and help legal institutions to trace out the culprits or follow through the legal procedures, we become unable to stop your information ethically and legally. Hence, you are shared with the Government agencies like Police, etc. to keep you and ourselves safe from being facing any future unexpected happenings that may violate your or our fundamental rights of a secured environment.

Information to Writers

We as the company never pass your personal or account details to our writers though, during the sign-up process you might knowingly or unknowingly share your information on additional information column, once the payment goes through then that information is displayed to writers straight away. We never pass ourselves hence, we strongly say you the same to avoid any future miss happenings.

Data Transferring to Our Partner Companies

Sometimes, for marketing purposes and for better quality purposes we transfer your data to our partner companies operating in other countries, though they are categorically advised to strictly follow this privacy policy page in using your data and don’t show any negligence at all in protecting customers shared data.

Customers’ own advice

Sometimes, we are asked by our customers to share their particular information with third parties like banks, etc. whom we have nothing to do anything with. But we become unable to continue with our policy, hence, we share our customers’ data with them as per customers’ advice. SetMyResume takes no responsibility at all of their data usage purposes.

Our Right of Change Privacy Policy announces that it reserves the right of changing the conditions mentioned here on Privacy Policy Page due to any reasons that might happen in the future or near future. So, you as a user of our website or a customer of SetMyResume are strongly advised that please keep visiting and reading this privacy policy page to avoid any future misconceptions. We mention the last updated date on the top right of this page every time we update this page.

Contact Us

SetMyResume advises to all its website’s users and customers that please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unclear or disagree with any of the conditions mentioned above by writing us an email at Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated and play a vital in improving our relationship with our audience.