The CV is your first chance for you to make an impression on the employer. A better quality CV will obviously increase your chances of securing the job or latest get you shortlisted for an interview in which you can convince your employer to give you the job, so we suggest getting your CV done professionally since it is worth spending money and effort and make your CV look more organized and presentable. Job securing depend totally on your CV so it’s really important to highlight the skills just so the hiring can see that you know job requirement and are a good fit for the post.

We always recommend keeping your CV shorter than two pages, CVs longer than two pages are monotonous and while going through such CVs the hiring manager might get bored and skip detail that can help you get the job. The skills listed in the CV should be described in a way that they complement the job requirement.

The employers want the following things in your CV but the way one mentions them in the CV is really important as that helps the hiring manager decide whether to call an applicant for the interview or not. That is the very reason “Set MY CV” exists, to help you out get the job that you once dreamt about.

  • Personal details
  • Personal profile
  • Key Skills
  • Employment history
  • Education and qualifications
  • Interests
  • References

Things to keep in mind while setting up a CV

  • Use of fine paper to make the CV.
  • According to the job requirement.
  • Highlight the things on CV and stand out
  • Check grammar and spelling as they leave a strong impression.
  • Setting up the CV make sure you are neat and precise

Employers can receive many CVs for a job which has been advertised so it is important to create a good impression to attract their attention. Most people do not
spend as much time on their CV as they should, so if you write a professional, high-quality CV you will stand out from the rest.
The employer has many CVs to screen and you really want an employer to give the attention, for that you need to write a high-quality professional CV that is when you will stand out.

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