Things you should not include in Resume Writing | Tips to use instead


Some immaterial features should be omitted if you want to grab the hiring managers’ attention. Listed below will surely provide the answer to the query things you should not include while writing a good resume along with the tips to use instead.

  • Impertinent jobs

If you have an overlong employment background. It would be best if you tried omitting those that are not relevant to your current or prospective employment company. Those that you do at the start of the career (for people working for 15 to 20 years or longer).

A point to keep in mind is that if an amateur/career beginner, or the candidate who has been doing one job for a while, is writing his employment history and will be left with nothing to write after leaving off the irrelevant job then it’s better to keep it, instead of leaving empty the employment section in Resume Writing.

  • Objective 

Write your personal statement in the form that should be the summary of your career experiences and expertise in a specific field instead of an objective.

It would help if you focused on showcasing how you can contribute to the development of the prospecting organization as your goal is to market yourself in front of the hiring manager. Mention your strengths like leadership, adaptability, and accountability. Most candidates make a mistake in this section by stating a career objective.

  • Long paragraphs

Do not write lengthy descriptions related to any experience or skill. As paragraphs are difficult to interpret at a glance while reading a resume. Use bullet points as an alternative and make your resume well-structured and organized and focus on their requirements. Hence, long paragraphs are one of the things you should not include in resume writing.

  • Length

Keep the Length of the resume in check as a resume should not be longer than two pages except if the candidate is a Ph.D. holder. So here, Tips to use instead is to focus on listing only the crucial details. Otherwise, it will be difficult to hook up the recruiter’s attention as they have to go through a bunch of resumes.

  • Mistakes 

Avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and typos; these types of mistakes can be held up against you and, in turn, root for your rejection though having plenty of experience related to the concerning field. Make sure to proofread the whole document before sending it to the hiring managers.

  • A photograph

Don’t insert a photo unless you are applying for the fashion industry or acting.

  • Personal information

Avoid including any personal information, for instance, religion, date, and place of birth, sex, race, political interrelation, and particulars of the spouse and children.


Following the points as mentioned earlier, about “things you should not include while writing a good resume” you are about to have an excellent resume that will be helping hand in attracting the potential recruiters’ attention.

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