The rising trend of Short professional bio writing

A professional bio tells more about your qualifications, experiences, reputation, and attributes than a resume does. Sometimes, it’s really hard to hook up the recruiter’s attention and frankly speaking no one would want to stick around to read the drawn-out professional biographies.

This is how the rising trend of short professional bio writing or one page-biography came into light. The short bio is a document that you can easily display while surfing around the internet and other networking sites. Nowadays networking has become the key approach to hold one out of 80 percent jobs instead of traditional manual job resume dropping methods. A resume coupled well when applying for a specific job however a bio does more than that because a professional bio moves around as a market tool in the internet community. Also, some recruiters can demand you to send a short professional bio instead of a lengthy biography.

Now the question is how much shorter a short professional bio can be? In general, a short bio may have about one hundred (100) words or three to five short paragraphs.

Usually, a short bio is an abbreviated biography that all professionals use to present themselves. It is trendy nowadays to use short bios on personal websites, networking and marketing directories, company profiles, and social media profiles.

Listed below are the features that should be included in a short Professional bio.

  • Start writing the bio with your first and last name.
  • State any associated brand name you use, if any.
  • Mention your position and your role at your currently-employed company.
  • Include one professional achievement at the minimum.
  • Write in the third person, and try to avoid mentioning irrelevant details.


Tailor your keywords and bio according to the targeting audience so that your potential audience can evaluate you and decide whether you are valuable enough of their time.

A short bio should be impactful enough to make you stand out by highlighting your achievements but not in a pompous way and showcase your professional yet amusing persona. But to put all that in just a few sentences is quite hard for oneself. But don’t worry, we at SetMyResume excels in designing your traits and strengths in a few bullets with 99% chances of getting a quick response.

Another term regarding short bio is a micro bio that is just two to three sentences long normally on Twitter and other social networking websites.

A professional bio is a perfect opportunity to promote your brand and attract new clients. SetMyResume professional bio writers are ready to serve you in a vast range of areas with best strategies to build a professional bio for social media, for instance, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and especially the Twitter where word limit i.e. 160 characters only makes it hard to write an impactful professional bio.

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