Techniques of Writing a Professional Bio and a Short Professional Bio

A professional bio (biography) is a brief introduction to your academic background, qualifications, and experiences and helps to perk up your resume, cv, or LinkedIn profile portrays your professional persona and in turn, help you get a quick response.

Listed below are a few techniques you need to follow to write a professional bio that can leave a lasting impression.

  • Planning

Gather background information first, for instance, job title and role in the currently employed company. Consider who the audience will be and what you want to acquire with this bio. As a result, will you be able to write an excellent bio without getting blocked.

  • Plan the format too

As if you are trying to write a long professional bio or a short professional bio, this will help you decide what features to be included and what not.

Why need a short professional bio?  It sometimes really hard to hook people’s attention so

if you have considerable experience and, then a long professional bio is recommended. While writing a short professional bio make sure to mention only the achievements that are most relevant to the concerning field instead of listing all the rewards since middle school.

  • Start with your name

Write down your name in the first sentence of the bio and then your job title at the company you are currently working for with a bit of explaining by mentioning your primary role on the projects to draw the recruiter or reader’s attention

  • Highlight prime accomplishments

Write your impressive Career achievements, distinct credentials, and awards pertinent to the field throughout your whole professional journey.

  • Last but not least your contact information

Include your email, LinkedIn profile, website, etc. or any other modes to contact you without any difficulty.

  • Use the Third person

A professional bio Should be written in the third person, narrating the one whom this is written for. Avoid using first-person as it will seem to be pompous and might have a negative impact.

  • Include a bit of your personality

Add some interesting hobbies, and personal touch to describe your proactive nature or a quirky/ appealing fact about you but try to avoid unpleasant and irrelevant hobbies.

Make sure to customize the bio according to the targeted audience.

  • Receive writing services

It is recommended to hire writing services to obtain an impressive professional biography. SetMyResume has professional experts to write a professional bio with updating writing fashion and knows best how to transfer the weaknesses into your strengths.

SetMyResume is well established with seasoned biography writers which can review your current bio or can build a new one for you and have the power to transform your career.

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