Resume Writing by the applicant Vs Resume Writing Services 

A resume is written to advertise an applicant’s educational history, experiences, and accomplishments. It is given that the applicant himself should write his resume. However, a resume is a formal document that needs a proper format and has specific rules and regulations to follow while writing.

Nothing denies the fact that resume writing is a burdensome task. Many people have a natural talent in writing, and while some individuals learned the writing skills to move forward, but this is not applicable for all the candidates, because some may not have good command on basics and lacks writing experience too. Then writing a fantastic resume will not be a piece of cake as the applicant might not be able to identify his strengths.

What if an applicant has impressive experience and workplace expertise are stellar and still don’t get any callbacks? The reason is that Sometimes resumes written by the applicants did not get any callbacks because they are not professional enough to stand out among thousands of the resumes. An applicant may have thought that he has written an excellent resume. But in the hiring manager’s point of view, it may sound like an outdated document.

On the other side, professional writers first understand your motivations, background, capabilities, and achievements. They know best how to highlight your career and accomplishments by portraying your employment history and past experiences. They can transform your weaknesses in your core strengths with their expertise and can help you get an impressive resume in no time that can capture the interest of the hiring person, which is the main difference between Resume Writing by the applicant Vs Resume Writing Services.

In fact, the trend of hiring resume writing services is surging day by day. But, there are some cons, too, while choosing the resume writing services conduct a thorough search about the company, beware of the scams, plagiarism, poor content, rewriting, or rewording of the previous resumes. Some professional resume writers charge sky scraping fees for even a simple amendment in the document.

Some applicants write their resumes then get a review or evaluation by a professional. This situation is pretty economical for the candidates.

A Brief Review

There are some benefits to hiring resume writing services. A Brief Review of Resume Writing by the applicant Vs Resume Writing Services is composed below.

  • Quality 

Resume writers are professionals. They have gained proper training writing and have earned expertise in writing impressive resumes. Professionally written resumes always have the edge over the simply written ones and will be of higher quality. Resumes written by the resume writers are easily comprehendible and well-organized, as compared to those written by the applicant.

  • Knowledge of Recruitments process 

How to design and craft the resume that will attract the hiring managers, and they do know what features works and what does not. What should be included in the resume what should be omitted? They are well aware of the latest trends following in the recruitment industry and let you pass the applicant tracking system.

  • An instant response.

Help you get a quick response by grabbing the recruiter’s attention. It also can let you have a shot of an interview from your prospective boss and enhance the possibility of job confirmation.


So the conclusion is if an applicant can write an excellent resume, he should do it himself. Otherwise, hiring resume writing services is inevitable.

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