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LinkedIn features | Main features of LinkedIn account | Features of a LinkedIn profile

A LinkedIn profile is like an introduction of your professional attributes towards other professionals and potential customers.

The features that are displayed in the title bar or a header of a LinkedIn profile are discussed here to foster a clear view of the sections available on the LinkedIn. The six (6) available segments are explained here following the same order as they are placed at the top of the LinkedIn account.

  • Homepage 

The first one is the home or homepage of your profile. This page displays the updates from the connections and groups that you have followed via your LinkedIn profile. The recent posting and publishing activities uploaded by the people, organizations, and topics of that group.

This section is not as tricky as the name “Homepage of LinkedIn account” sounds, but it is simple like you scroll newsfeeds on other social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, those newsfeeds that are you like can be bookmarked for later use.

  • My network 

A directory displaying your contacts related to your currently followed or connected LinkedIn users is available.

Useful suggestions for making new connections that engaged well with your brand or company or your scientific taste either locally or internationally are also available in this segment.

Using these suggestions, you can promote your professional and social networks and build your authority on LinkedIn.

  • Jobs

Using your posted information and available keywords in your profile, a “jobs board” is created. The most useful feature in the LinkedIn profile in which preferences and alerts can be established that can help in your desired job seeking.

  • Messaging 

This feature helps you connect with your friends and other professionals via text messages. You can get notifications of these messages via your email.

  • Notifications 

To keep you updated, either you visit your LinkedIn profile daily, or after some time, LinkedIn provides you with this notification feature just like other social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Details about being cited and referenced, tagged, and membership of a group (including when and where) can be accessed via this feature.

Invitations and requests to join a new group or network will be received to the owner of the LinkedIn profile via both the notification feature and the attached email address.

  • Me

Last but not least, the personal particulars about the person that he uses for the registration process or on the sign-up window are displayed in this section. These details include your personal information (like name, address, job title, email address, and phone), academic qualifications, and professionalism (work experience, career history, and achievements). But it’s not like you cannot tailor it later. Yes, you can customize it to make it more attractive and approachable in the future

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