A teaching philosophy statement

 The teaching philosophy statement is a description of a teacher’s beliefs and principles. It plays a crucial role in the professional bio of a teacher. It portrays your goals and aims as a teacher and is widely demanded by the recruiters from the job seekers in the teaching field nowadays.

A teaching philosophy statement also labeled as an academic philosophy statement, educational philosophy statement, and philosophy of education statement.

Role of a teaching philosophy statement in a professional bio for a teacher

A teaching philosophy provides a framework for your career and growth of your teaching styles. A teaching philosophy is like a marketing tool that articulates your personality, vision, passion, and beliefs and shows the best of you in your professional bio and eventually resulted in the inclination of getting interview calls by the hiring managers.

How to write teaching philosophy statement?

First, target your potential audience that is who is going to read the statement, then prepare a background i.e., what are you going to write, afterward introduce yourself and then write the rest of the statement keeping in mind the below-mentioned tips.

What to include in writing a teaching philosophy?

  • Why choose the teaching profession?
  • How do you feel about the teaching profession?
  • Your teaching approach and why
  • Teaching strategies to enhance the students learning
  • Techniques to develop the interest of students both in the class and learning
  • What learning means to you
  • Your growth as a teacher

How to format your teaching philosophy statement? 

  • As a teaching philosophy statement plays an essential role in creating the professional bio of a teacher, so the format of the philosophy statement will also matter. An expert form is shared here for you.
  • The statement should be written in the active voice and present tense.
  • Avoid jargon, and it should be easy to understand so that the general audience can comprehend it too.
  • Add examples of your past experiences. It will provide a better illustration of your interaction with the students to the recruiters even if they don’t have observed you in a real classroom.
  • The length of a teaching philosophy statement can be one-paged, or it can be extended up to four pages if you have more. But remember, there should be no repetition, no faking, and plagiarism. Try to explain your teaching philosophy and your teaching morals in your own words, so be natural.
  • Hire Writing services for professional-looked teaching philosophy statement. So that it can catch the hiring manger’s attention

From the above discussion and understanding we have realized how and what to include in teaching philosophy statement and the role of a teaching philosophy statement in a professional bio for a teacher.

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