You might have come across the name of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) while dropping out your Curriculum Vitae online for the job application process. What you definitely have wondered is, what is this software? Why is it used? How is it related to your CV and job-seeking process?

Considering the confusion that applicants face, a brief review of this system is outlined here for you. This analysis will be quite a handful for you while you are building your Curriculum Vitae.

What is ATS? 

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System abbreviated as ATS is a software designed to scan the CVs submitted by the career seekers and sort out the potential candidates. This program is also called ATS Robots and shortlists the most suitable applicants according to the job descriptions, which then called for the interview.

Why is Applicant Tracking System used?

Large corporations and companies tend to use this program. To illustrate, whenever job vacancies are open, it is given that they will expect a vast bundle of Curriculum Vitae, which is a burdensome task for the recruiting department of that company.

Hiring managers or recruiters don’t have enough time that they start reading out the Curriculum Vitae of all the job seekers thoroughly, and hence ATS is used.

However, small scale organizations might not use this system to filter out the candidates.

Criteria of scanning

When you applied for a job, your application gets to pass through two tests. The first one is the computer test, the ATS, and the second one is the hiring managers.

Applicant Tracking System is like a gatekeeper that works for hiring managers and your prospective employer. ATS scans your CV using the below-listed features.

  • Keyword research 

ATS examines the Keywords related to the desired skills and qualifications following the industry or company job description in the CV.

  • Target title 

ATS tries to find the titles of the former or current employment and match them with the vacant post title, for instance, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.

  • CV format

File type matters a lot. If the job vacancy requisites state the use of PDF format, then it’s okay. Otherwise, please don’t use it and provide the Doc or Docx instead, as some ATS don’t accept the PDF files.

  • Qualifications & Experience & Skills 

The software checks if the listed qualifications, the experience is relevant and adequate related to the job description.

  • Graphics 

ATS excludes the CV with graphs, charts, photographs, and pictures.

Make sure that your Curriculum Vitae is tailored in such a way that you can pass the tracking software ATS.

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