As the name of the title suggests, in many cases, usually, the listing of references is not necessary for resume writing. However, some hiring managers requested them, or some jobs require references as a requisite for hiring for authenticity purposes in some circumstances, for instance, employment gap, fresh graduate, or freelancer.

What if you are asked to submit them, then you will require the proper formatting for references, i.e., how to list them, which and how many references should be included.

Read out the detailed guideline and get started to jot down.

What are the references?

References are the contact info of the people who can provide the corroboration of the claims that you have made in your resume writing about your achievements and capabilities to your prospective recruiters.

Who to list as a reference?

Persons that can be mentioned as a reference are teachers, coaches, advisors, head-on supervisors, employers, and colleagues.

As far as students and fresh graduates are concerned, a reference from professors, coaches, and advisors can be provided. If you are doing or have done any part-time job or internship, use that reference as well.

In the case of an experienced professional, details of former employers and direct supervisors, managers, and colleagues are adequate.

How many references are adequate?

Basically, the answer to this question is that it depends upon the level of your expertise and career history. However, the history of education and employment you mentioned in resume writing can be quite long, especially if you are a seasoned professional. Still, the standard choice is to jot down not less than three (3) references.

Some tips on How to write them

  • The use of a separate sheet is recommended to write down the references.
  • Formatting of all reference entries should be the same, i.e., the order of particulars like name, job title, email address, and cell phone.
  • Arrange them as the most recent in the first place.
  • Or you can arrange them following the relevance with the prospective job description or company.

Inform your referees in advance 

Last but not least, don’t forget to inform your referees of whom you are going to provide details as a reference along with the resume.

Also, give a little bit idea of what type of company you are going to work for. What is the post for which you are applying? So that they can portray your strengths, achievements, and attributes in the best and satisfy the prospective hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the applied post.

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