LinkedIn is providing services to about 673+ million users across the world at present. The number of people signing up for the LinkedIn accounts and getting membership has been inclining day by day because of the popularity and accessibility of LinkedIn as the best social media platform for professional networking.

Some useful hacks related to the LinkedIn account to help you out are as follows.

Preserve your Researches 

Whenever you start searching on LinkedIn related to any specific keyword, a particular group, or your desired job exploration. Make sure to save it as it requires a lot of time to explore and get what you want. You can bookmark or save the relevant jobs and posts according to your interest to approach the information later in the future.

Just press the “save search” button and set the preferences for weekly and monthly reminders.

Save Mass Media files

You can include media files (photographs, videos, presentations, articles, documents, and links) to your LinkedIn profile and save them for later.

You have to go to the “Add media” icon in the “edit profile” option and click it.

Communicate without Creating Association 

Another hack that you can use is to communicate with other professionals with which you don’t have any head-on connection on LinkedIn by joining a joint group with that person. Direct chat can be accessed by tapping on the “reply privately” option that appears after clicking on the three dots on that individual’s comment.

Export your Associations

The directory of the contacts can be exported to your desired contact management operating system, i.e., you can download the connections into your attached email account or other. The contacts get saved in a spreadsheet format or tabular form.

To do so, tap on “connections,” then go to “Export Connections” and then select your email account.

Privacy of Associations 

LinkedIn provides the confidentiality of connections within your LinkedIn profile; that is, you can hide your connections and control their visibility to other people on LinkedIn.

Typically, Business owners want privacy about their clients and employees and their details, so this hack suits best for these people.

You just have to change your settings a little bit. Lookup for “privacy & settings” and select what you want either to show contacts to all or just for you.

LinkedIn Feature pages 

Feature pages or showcase pages of your LinkedIn profile promote your brand by highlighting its uniqueness and benefits and driving the LinkedIn traffic to attract the targeted audience.

Look for the “edit” icon, scroll down a little, and click on the create showcase page.

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